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We welcome you to visit our family Blueberry and Strawberry Farm. We grow over a dozen varieties of blueberries and strawberries on over 10 acres. We own the land and live and work on the farm with our children. It is important to us to manage our land and resources to the best of our ability.      



1678 Albers Road, Modesto, CA 95357


Always closed on Sundays

Monday through Saturday 8am to 4pm.


Over a Dozen different varieties



  • SpringHigh

  • Snowchaser

  • Ventura

  • Emerald

  • Jewel

  • Star

  • Abundance

  • San Joaquin

  • A

  • Blue Ribbon

  • Top Shelf

  • Legacy

  • Misty


  • Chandler

  • Camarosa

  • Merced

  • Stella

  • S

  • P

  • T

  • R